The Bundy Ranch Siege of April 2014

The Bundy Ranch Siege of April 2014. Advertisements

Perversion of Education

The Ole’ Deluder Satan Act Here is another exert from a great NCCS Newsletter from 1996. My parents recognized the dangers of a perverted California education system, and I was enrolled in private schools most of elementary and Jr High school. If you care about the country and your family then you will take charge […]

Satanic Two Party System

Both political parties are moving America straight to slavery and submission to Satanic big government, totaliatarian control. I am saying this in more blunt terms than I might have, when I stopped voting for the party ticket some 20 plus years ago. Time is running out to repair the damage done and return to the […]

An Open Letter to the Presidente

Mr Presidente, You have nerve and know how to antagonize and instigate the public to self destructive behavior. You knew about AIG and had the ability to quietly control the bailout money before you gave it to them. Now you get to infringe on contract laws and everyone wants you to take away money that […]

Gimme Programs

I posted this online originally March 2007. All too often we have people looking at government as a provider of many things. The general population looks at elections selfishly as in what will this candidate do for me and mine. I am afraid I see this tendency in both major parties and most of the […]

Ezra Taft Benson Quotes Nikita Khrushchev.

In 1959 Eisenhower asked Ezra Taft Benson to teach Nikita Khrushchev about Agriculture.Ezra relayed a conversation…… “Your children will live under communism.” Khrushchev said.“On the contrary,” Secretary Benson replied, “My grandchildren will live in freedom as I hope that all people will.”Khrushchev then retorted: “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept Communism outright; […]

President Obama, Constitutional Lawyer???

I listened to President Obama talk until I fell asleep the other night. I was tired but he was boring. I would have been angry except I was tired and I do admire his ability to give a speech. He really needs to be a better liar to get away with the crimes against America […]