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The Bundy Ranch Siege of April 2014

The Bundy Ranch Siege of April 2014. Advertisements

My Duty as an American

I have shared some thoughts on Facebook since the election 3 days ago, but have little time these days to string sentences together. I am busy keeping the wolf away from the door working more and harder to earn a dollar that is shrinking.  As to the election, I do believe we are headed down […]

Presidential Responsibilities/Letter

Honorable Mr. President Obama, I pray for you to be inspired to do the job of a President of the United States of America. You claim to be a student and teacher of Constitutional Law. You are so clearly going against the US Constitution that IF the special knowledge is true , you certainly learned […]

Slavery Today in America

“The state Department of Public Safety found victims threatened with handguns, rape and electrocution at a drophouse located Sunday night in west Phoenix.” “As of 9:30 p.m., authorities had 31 victims and seven suspects in custody.” “DPS officials were continuing to clear the house, located at 43rd Avenue and West Kiem Drive just north of […]

Luke Warm to be Spued Out!!!

I am very pleased to see that many Americans are standing up for the US Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, Morality, Spending Restraints, Taxing Restraints, Personal Responsibility and many other principles that have made America great. I have not voted by Party for almost 20 years because I placed a value on my votes. I have to […]

How Much Worse is it Going to Get?

I posted this at I love what I have heard of David Barton and Wall Builders. Deacon, I cannot separate out morality and religion from politics or finance, as it is morality that has collapsed our financial systems and allows politicians to be a major part of that collapse.Government allowed the greed to go […]

Principles of Liberty–28 Ideas Changing the World

Principles of Liberty The 28 Great Ideas That Are Changing the WorldI am sure it is easier to make sense of things using principles. Imagine memorizing multiplication tables without the use of principles. Try getting in shape to run a mile race as fast as you can but not knowing any fitness and aerobic conditioning […]