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Reason for the Creation

In “Food Not Lawns” by H.C.Flores I find this thought fascinating and true. “I see this attitude as radical only in that it comes from, and returns to, the root of the problem: namely how to live on the earth in peace and perpetuity. Each of us has only herself to be, to blame, and to rely upon, and our own behavior is at the root of any social or environmental change. If we want peace we have to be peaceful. If we want to live in paradise, we have to grow it, now. I see this work as evolution, not revolution, and as the ultimate adventure: a fantastic way to simultaneously enjoy life on this earth and improve it for future generations.”

Yesterday I taught a sunday school class on “Reasons for the Creation”.  I shared the information given that we are responsible for the community we live in, not so much it’s creation but it’s continuation. Adam was given the responsibility to name the animals and to care for the Garden of Eden. That responsibility is continued on generation to generation to us today. “What do you think the Lord meant when he told us to have dominion over his creations on this earth? (See Moses 2:26. We need to respect the earth and care for God’s creations.) How can we better fulfill our responsibility to have dominion over the creations?”

The beauty of a simple stone is amazing, as are the many types of rock. A rock can be appreciated for it’s beauty as a turquoise, emerald or amethyst,; used for what it can make as a tool as flint, obsidian or pumice; or left to do what rocks do as in a garden it aerates and gives minerals to the plants roots. There is so much to know about any part of the creation and God gives us only so much knowledge about any one subject as He sees fit and our studies warrant. The Creation is truly an amazing gift for us and a responsibility for our eternal progression.


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