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Laws, Good, Bad & Ugly

Do you really think we need more, newer and better rules? There is not a chance anybody will know and understand 10% of these rules let alone follow them. Return to simple common sense and God given laws and most laws would be revoked as not Constitutional, helpful or follow-able. I do believe a wicked and conniving government wants to make laws confusing and even impossible so that an enemy cannot live without breaking some rule and thus selective prosecution gets rid of that “political” enemy.

Behold the photo shared by United States Senator Mike Lee of Utah of the federal laws from just last year. Lawmakers from all levels of government do this every year, submitting laws upon laws some contradictory of others so that there is no rhyme or reason to it. Any well educated teenager having  studied US Constitution can know if laws are constitutional or unnecessary and even illegal. Looking at Arizona state laws proposed currently is an exercise Earl Taylor Jr used in past years of his 12th grade American History class. They usually concluded that only about 10% of the proposed laws were even constitutional and that leaves the question of are they needed or wise.


I love the fact that God gives us constant laws that have reason and are loving and helpful. I do not need to relearn as laws change, the are constant, but just learn and discipline myself to follow those laws that are given. They are not all easy as my nature fights against this but I know from my sins that I need to follow His laws. Sin, not following laws, brings suffering and sorrow to my and others life. My happiness grows as my obedience brings me more inline with God’s laws. 


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