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Musings on the New Year

Here I am 9:37 Saturday evening 4 January 2014, and wondering what this new year brings my way. I do know I am blessed with many friends and opportunities to serve and help out in my neighborhood. I am retiring to a degree and that has me changing some of the things I do and have collected. I recently returned to work in bicycle shops and realized after 6 months, my wrists, knees and back don’t handle the stress put on them by wrenching and other shop work. So I am now eliminating some of what I have done for many years. I have usually worked at physical jobs and am still looking for a less physical job that works for me.

Part of me is that I am able to do many things and I do work at a lot of things, hobbies and vocations. I find great pleasure and fulfillment in  work and am now making garden and bonsai part of most days. I recently became aware of “Permaculture” and am making my yard a more natural place for plants, chickens, dogs, cats and family. Right now I am listening to the 2013 Crossroads festival the Eric Clapton puts on every 3 years and is so inspiring to me. I also make and play instruments so will include this as part of my work. Music has been a motivating part of my life, though I am no great talent. I am a 90% talent in many areas of my life. I give effort but seem to be about 90% in all testing of all skills and knowledge sets. I wonder if I focused on one thing for longer would that make a difference?

Now is a time of transition for America too. We are faced with many choices and decisions that need serious and honest study. Communication is controlled by partisan interests with their own goals and not the public benefit as a focus. I have decided years ago to not buy what the party system is offering and instead depend on Scripture study, history study and a variety of news sources to form my opinions and plans of voting and letter writing actions. God led Americans to America over and over throughout history and He will not leave a righteous American to flounder. It is up to me and you to choose and do a plan that we believe in.



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