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Being Thankful

“Writing down our experiences and blessings can help us remember them and give us something to refer back to. Consider asking those you teach to write down what they are grateful for—to help them remember the blessings they have received, recognize the blessings of the present, and look forward to the blessings of the future.”
“The Choice to Be Grateful” President Henry B. Eyring, December 2011

This blog is at times my attempts to be eloquent in my thankfulness. I have been blessed with wife, family, health, work, intelligence, joy, music in my heart, a testimony of God’s great love for all mankind, baptism by the authority of God to fully enjoy the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life. And this is only a beginning of a list of gratitude.

As I remember my life I have mostly good and great memories from childhood on. Either I have selectively remembered mostly happy memories or God has blessed me with a forgetting of sadness and sorrow. I can certainly dredge up the pains I have felt and do feel, I have plenty. I have cried true tears of regret and sorrow.

As I look to the Savior I choose to remember ones that bring a joy and happiness of spirit. I listen to music that brings a smile. I avoid things that I know bring regrets. I strive to control my lesser and lower impulses, a loose tongue especially. I am thankful for the comfort of The Holy Ghost, and for my good wife.


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