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Sharing of My Plenty

I am thankful for people and their challenges and opportunities to help others. There is a truth I have come to know from a life and parents who shared of what they had. You are blessed beyond your blessings given to others. You cannot give a crust of bread to another’s need without The Lord giving a loaf in return for your needs. I use my encounters with people in my community to share what I have.

I am not rich but I do not worry about the need to provide for my family. I can give pocket change to someone in need or I can give more as I feel moved or inspired to do. I have paid bills for some and loaned money to others with little hope for repayment. The Lord has blessed me with enough because I am able to pay tithing with a loving spirit. I have learned to give a fair payment rather than haggle for the best price to me. I love to give a tip to one who helps me like at the water store where a shop person always fills my bottles and offers to load my car.

I love music and share my music collections with others and sometimes play or sing for appropriate situations. My singing and playing has improved as I have shared. I am blessed with many musical experiences and am touched by music in my family. I am looking forward to a musical production our Stake is doing for the community. As I practice a little each week I feel the help and comfort of The Holy Ghost.

I am not highly trained or disciplined in playing harmonica and have played at bars with blues musicians just sitting in. My gift of music did not allow me to do this very much as the environment was harsh and Love was lacking there. I still play blues and jazz but more for family and friends. Music can comfort and support a child’s needs and can change a situation. Recently at a nursery the children were wild and women worn out tending these children. I came into the room and played away on a small Karimba I often have with me. Children were calmed and mothers smiled.


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