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Mormon Temples

I was married and sealed to my wife in the Mesa Arizona Temple. In fact as a new member I was anxious to marry Nancy as soon as possible and had not mentioned a Temple marriage in my proposal. Nancy would marry me, but not before I was Temple Worthy. This was news to me as I knew she loved me, but made sense when I learned more about Temples and God’s love for me.

I learned about this Love of God at the Temple. I both learned more of His love for me and I grew to love Him more. Love became tied to my actions and not just words or ideas. My wife showed me thru her service and her loving families actions of this love. Helping others and not being judgmental of another’s actions are key components to love. I felt close to this kind of active love while at the Temples.

I feel a closeness to all of my children because of my Temple ordinances that tie us together for all time. I am thankful for the protections and teachings offered my family beyond what I have done. I being imperfect needed this help in raising a family of 4 in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Now I have 4 grand children and feel this same connection to them who were born under the same covenants made in the same Temple. I also feel closer to my parents who are not Temple endowed. God loves families beyond any other organization on earth and the Temple teaches and strengthens these principles by work for the living and dead.


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