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Tips For Working In The Heat

Wow, it was 117-118 or so degrees yesterday in the “Valley of The Sun”. I got out about 6:30 and walked for an hour or so and then mowed a neighbor’s back yard with my wife. By then my step count was 13,500 or so. It was slowly getting hotter and probably was over 100 by the time I took a nap. That evening at 8 PM Nancy and I went out for more steps and it truly feels like an open oven door after that kind of heat. I ended up with 23,090 steps for my second best of this event. The early start helped as did several drinks even on the early morning walk.
Hydration and staying out of the midday heat are critical to life in the desert. The first time I worked construction in this kind of heat I was allowed to work at my own pace by a good forman, and drank a pint of water every 30 minutes for the 9 hour workday. 18 pints of water is over a gallon and i did not pee once during that time as it all went out as perspiration to cool me. We also started at pre-dawn about 4:30 right now, so that we only worked till 1:30, before the day’s peak heat during the hottest time of year.


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