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Joy of Music

Joy of Music

Mark Holdaway will visit Mesa on 24 June 2011 to Share his story, music and jam with musicians from the audience. This is a kid-friendly experience.

Mark is a multi-instrumentalist who loves the Kalimba. Mark has KalimbaMagic.com, a website and business that imports the Kalimba, so he will have a number of them to share and to teach technique of this instrument.

Discover the world of kalimbas at http://www.kalimbamagic.com

Shop for kalimbas and accessories at


Come to the Womens Club of Mesa building 200 S. Macdonald St. at 6PM on 24 June to enjoy this family oriented musical experience.


Lenny Henderson has invited all his family and musician friends to come enjoy and jam with them both as well as harmonica teacher and performer The Duke of Wail, Robert Hale.


This is free but donations are appreciated to defray costs.

INFO call Lenny at 480-710-7564.

Lenny Henderson
Ezra Taft Benson in “Our Duty as Citizens” “…because character is the one thing we make in this world and take with us into the next. It must never be sacrificed for expediency.”

Robert Hale is the DUKE of WAIL and he edited this info and will be featured as a guest preformer.

Music Lessons for Adults and Children
Harmonica,Steel Guitar, Dobro, Autoharp, Guitar
Distance Learning via Webcam


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