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A Fantastic Victory in 1967

President Obama wants to downsize Israel into nonexistence. With a population of 2.6 million, Israel going up against populations totalling 42 million and winning it in 6 days, gained A fantastic victory and some small land increases to better defend themselves against the ever agressive Arabs. In 1967 Americans stood aside as the British went against their stated role of peace keeper and sided against the Israelis. Russia supplied the Arab states who could not compete against the outnumbered Israelis who were supported by God rather than nations of man.

It was a true modern miracle that the Arabs were defeated by the Israelies in this situation. To deny the right of winning and keeping what land is lost in war by the Egyptians is not fair or reasonable. We as a nation dare not go against God and Israel. God has never needed a large army to go against wicked nations and oppressors of ill intent. America will need to be on the Lord’s side, and should support Israel now.

President Obama hates America and Israel, by appearences of his words and actions. His first decree was to give money America does not have to support abortions for third world countries. He has continually insulted Britain and Israel our best allies and catered to Arab and Communist nations, many with stated hate for America. Brasil gets money, support and our president’s best wishes for successful oil drilling. America gets red tape and intricate and impossible forms but no drilling allowed for America to harvest her great resources.

America needs to choose her leaders more carefully and the damage being done by poor choices has hurt many innocent people worldwide. We need to become a repentant people caring more for our God than for any power or wealth. I pray for a majority of Americans to side with God and return to those principles of goodness that made America great and willing to help others. Our leaders, too proud to be righteous, did much harm in offending God and man over the last 100 years. Let us choose more wisely and only with inspiration from the Holy Ghost can we know mans real intentions.


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