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Kalimba Magic

Mark Holdaway of Kalimba Magic was given a 3 hole flute on Monday by me. This is cool cause he lives in Tucson just a few hundred miles north of Copper Canyon home of Tarahumarans. Well it was more of a trade by the time I left because he tuned my 35-40 year old Hugh Tracey Kalimba, gave me his “Kalimba Fundamentals for the Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba” book and CD to help me learn to play and his own “Between the Dark and the Light” Music CD, all as gifts back at me.

I have enjoyed getting to know Mark, who founded Kalimba Magic about 6 years ago after playing the Kalimba for years. He actually is a multi instrumentalist, instrument maker and his house was full of interesting stringed, skinned and other types of instruments. We jammed on a blues song and another something or other that he made sound great. He was the guitar and I the harmonica of course. He also used the gifted 3 hole flute to play a flute and kalimba duet by himself.

Now he is back east doing some lecturing, playing or something that relates to the kalimba for a few weeks. Any how I am using the kalimbas I have as healing music for my knee operation I just had. I am sure of it’s usefulness as my 10 month old grandson responded to my kalimba playing smiling and happy the day after his recent surgery. I am also enjoying playing the kalimba and my flutes after my arthroscopic knee surgert 2 days ago. Could be Kalimba Magic or The Healing Powers of Music.


One comment on “Kalimba Magic

  1. I've become enamored by the kalimba after seeing some of Mark's videos. In fact, I ordered my own kalimba from his site only days ago…and only days after I discovered the kalimba in the first place. I look forward to experiencing kalimba magic for myself.

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