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Paul Pena

Paul Pena was a great musician. The music industry never recognized him until forced to and seeing a profit in it. I know some great musicians who will never be top tier earners, but play and sing music with a soul lacking in most popular music. Steve millar took Paul’s Jet Airliner and made it a hit which is appropriate, as it has a well written tune and lyrics. The royalties Steve paid Paul was a boon to his life. Paul was as much the master musician as anybody as shown in his ability to master another language and singing technique without any braille for that language. Paul lived the blues in a lifetime of blindness.

Paul Pena and Kongar-ol Ondar became fast friends in the movie “Gengis Blues”, a documentary about Paul’s visit to Tuva to compete in and win a tuvan competition. Paul lived only 2-3 years after the releasing of the movie that finally garnered him some fame, some payment for his work and the release of his 25 year old album “New Train”. I was fortunat to speak with Paul who gave me a throat singing lesson as we talked on the phone. I tear-up remembering his sweet spirit and powerful yet gentle voice.

At long last!
Recorded in 1973….Released September 26, 2000

Song List:

1. Gonna Move
2. New Train
3. Jet Airliner
4. Wait On What You Want
5. Venutian Lady
6. Cosmic Mirror
7. Let’s Move And Groove Together
8. Indian Boy
9. A Bit Of All Right
10. Taking Your Love Down

Produced by: Ben Sidran
Special guests on the album include: Jerry Garcia, Merle Saunders, and The Persuasions.
Press Release

Released on Hybrid Recordings
from http://www.paulpena.com/CDs.html


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