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Spiritual Preparedness: Start Early and Be Steady

“It will take unshakable faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to choose the way to eternal life. It is by using that faith we can know the will of God. It is by acting on that faith we build the strength to do the will of God. And it is by exercising that faith in Jesus Christ that we can resist temptation and gain forgiveness through the Atonement.” Henry B. Eyring, November 2005 Ensign; “The great test of life is to see whether we will hearken to and obey God’s commands in the midst of the storms of life.”

Hunger, cold, exhaustion, illness and other physical needs have taught me the need for PREPAREDNESS. The spiritual preparation of self is by far most important and should not miss the physical needs we have. The Atonement and using it in our lives is critical to being truly prepared for any eventuality. Follow this link to read President Henry B. Eyring’s full talk from November 2005.

I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because of their clear and strong teachings about being prepared both physically and spiritually. I had lived as a hippie day to day going to the store for my food, when all the sudden in 1973 the oil supplies were cut off from the general public. Oil was there but was not being sold as gas and diesel to do transportation and shipping. I started then to ride a bicycle and have ridden about 100,000 miles since then. I have done other things to become prepared for any eventuality and see many unpleasant ones brewing in the near future.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ was and is the answer to all man’s problems. I am working day by day to be worthy of the guidance I need to keep out of trouble. The Holy Ghost offers me assistance when I am more compliant to gospel principles and His promptings. Obedience and humility are key to losing pride that would make me unresponsive to The Holy Ghost and advice I can receive.

Well the linked article is awesome for guidance and carries more weight than my testimony. Also here is a link to download the reading of Ezra Taft Benson’s 1989 talk; Beware of Pride or to read it yourself. You can find many of these older talks easily at http://www.latterdayconservative.com/ where Brian makes it his passion to share these great mesages in print, audio and video.


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