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Happy Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus

Prophetic “Christ-Bearer” to the New World

On October 12, 1992 the people of the United States celebrated an event which occurred 500 years ago previously – a half of a millennium ago – an event which changed the course of modern history and made all these later happenings possible. The dictionary says to celebrate is “…to make known with praise; give honor and glory to … to signalize the memory of some person or event with appropriate formalities.” We need celebrations. Our memories quickly fade and magnificent occurrences of the past become faint in our minds. Some even begin to doubt they really happened the way history has recorded thern. Perhaps no other event outside the pages of Holy Writ has had such an effect on the history of our world as the voyages of Christopher Columbus, and yet this event has not only faded from the minds of many Americans, but its telling has become terribly distorted in our history books.


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