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Still A Communist Agenda for America

Fundamentally Transforming America

President Barack Obama says he wants to “fundamentally transform the United States.” I don’t believe the American people want him to transform America into a land where our government —

>Spends us into national bankruptcy, burdening our children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars of debt;
>uses the public schools to create an Obama cult and train schoolchildren to work as activists for a very radical agenda,
>”redistributes” your earnings to non-taxpayers, with financial handouts to promote the feminist/homosexual anti-marriage agenda,
>appoints 35 weirdo Czars to rule entire industries, starting with banks, automobiles, health care, and women’s issues, and
>appoints “transnationalist” judges who will put U.S. courts and decisions under United Nations rulings, treaties, and foreign law. Phyllis Schlafley’s “Obama versus We the People”

I grew up in the 1950-1970 time of post war era with all of it’s regrets and scars. I saw Communism and it’s horrific results in all countries it was forced on the people. We can deny and rationalize all day long about what the current power structure in America is about and what policies are called. I cannot deny what I see and rationalization never solves real problems so I call the poicies of the Obama administration Communist. If we embrace and do not reject and replace these current trends in giving away Americas resources and freedoms, we will regret these years.

A new world order is what American Presidents, with few exceptions, have embraced for years, and it could only lead to this tragic conclusion with Satanic governance of the worst order. No president is totally independent of his advisors and supporters. In fact the worst danger for a good president has been poor or bad advice. Fortunately bad presidents get more bad advice and are exposed earlier for the destruction done to Americs. This is why America needed President Obama, to help expose the dangers of Communism and the many other wrong paths America finds itself on now.

I am thankful for a better plan and one we know a little about. We need to learn more, much more about the US Constitution and it’s Godly Heritage. We can depend on God to save His country, but we cannot expect salvation of a document we know so little about. If we want to be saved we need to be about The Lord’s work and do what is reasonable to save the US Constitution and America for God, and He will do the rest. Our personal salvation depends on our supporting God’s laws, Natures laws, the very ones placed in the US Constitution, that makes it THE way to go.


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