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Obama’s Abomination is Abortion

Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Maryland applied to the Obama Administration for—and received approval for—taxpayer money to set up new high-risk insurance pools that can be used for abortions up to six months into a pregnancy – including abortion coverage for almost any reason! Several other states are preparing their applications now.

Americans United for Life has been looking at what muddled health care reform was passed unread by our Congress and Senate. There is no honesty in the administration unless it serves their socialist, destructive goals. It did not take a genius to see that the President wanted to fund abortions, when his first presidential edict was to fund third world abortions, with our deficit ever rising, using borrowed money. The destruction and redesign of America as a part of a world goverrnment rather than it’s independent and freestanding Constitutional form is our lot if we allow things to go on. The blood of infants unborn, almost born, and recently born will be held against America if we allow this state of affairs to go unchallenged.


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