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Truth is Essential

How important is Truth?
Today Glenn Beck gave this formula that puts truth at the base of, or foundation of our society’s happiness and peace. I am often inspired by something like this gem of truth in my blogs. I can find a backup and support to ideas in scripture, the source of truth.

There is No Peace without Hope.
There is No Hope without Liberty.
There is No Liberty without Integrity.
There is No Integrity without Virtue.
There is No Virtue without Enlightenment.
There is No Enlightenment without Truth.

Teachers and the press hold a very powerful position in life. We depend on them to present the truth and from that we make our decisions and ultimately become who we are. Thankfully we also have a more important influence in life, PARENTS.

My parents taught me that the press and teachers usually filtered truth from their perspective. Also the Communist influence into those areas was obvious to my parents, so I was skeptical of percieved truth all my life. I am eternally grateful to my good parents who gave me a chance to find and live the truth.

For those who lack truth in their lives God gives more truth than any other source. God is truth. All was created by Jesus Christ and all creation except for humanity obeys their creator. We are given the truth through scripture and prophets.

Here is a paragraph from an article, actually a speach to university students; To Acquire Knowledge and the Strength to Use It Wisely

“Never compromise your principles. Strength and safety come from making no exceptions to them. No matter how it seems that conditions would justify some departure from them, do not do it. Rationalization leads one to take something that is true and twist it to justify invalid exceptions. Rationalization is Satan’s tool to lead one from truth. Difficulties in life start when small deviations from standards are justified on the basis of circumstance. Individuals who live for the moment make decisions based on circumstance or what someone else tempts them to do. Such are doomed eventually to violate eternal law and to undermine the great opportunities of life. They may seem to gain an advantage, but that is temporary. They lose those things that bring eternal happiness. As you center your life in truth, you are assured success and happiness.”

By Elder Richard G. Scott
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles


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