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An Immoral Government

Scripture tutors us in principles and moral values essential to maintaining civil society, including integrity, responsibility, selflessness, fidelity, and charity. In scripture, we find vivid portrayals of the blessings that come from honoring true principles, as well as the tragedies that befall when individuals and civilizations discard them. Where scriptural truths are ignored or abandoned, the essential moral core of society disintegrates and decay is close behind. In time, nothing is left to sustain the institutions that sustain society.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

This last week we were embarrased as a nation by the congressional hearings played to grandstand and speechify about BP, oil, energy and whatever was on a congresperson’s mind. Most used their time to bully Tony Hayward. Texas Congressman Joe Barton rightly apologized to BP for the $20 billion escrow account President Obama had them set up for a newly created and suspiciously unaccountable fund.

“I must make sure that this $20 billion fund provides for prompt payment, full compensation,” Kenneth Feinberg, the U.S. lawyer overseeing the fund, said. “It’s an independent program. I’m not beholden to the administration. I’m not beholden to BP.”

There are clear attempts to add fuel to anger to all who can be enraged, rather try to solve more immediate issues like the continuing oil pouring into the ocean. And why would people be angry with Tony on a yacht while Barack and Joe are golfing and there is no concern for their play time. Rahm Emanuel is busy fueling the resentment for BP CEO Tony Hayward and making excuses for his playmates, the Chief Executives of America. We have a criminally abusive and overreaching administration who act like Chicago thugs and not representatives of a religious and God fearing citizenry.

Maybe we had better follow brother Christofferson’s advice to study Scriptures that we may remember “principles and moral values essential to maintaining civil society”. We certainly should be slow to anger at those our corrupt leaders are pointing at. We need to be more clear on the character and qualifications of the leaders we elect or we will become slaves of a wicked and despotic government. God loves us and gives us a written record to guide us from slavery to freedom.


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