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Megan Reports

He’s here! He was born at 11:07 on June 3rd. He was 6 lbs. 7 oz. and Bekah said she doesn’t remember even hearing how long he was. She said that they are almost set on Luke Ammon. This morning Travis had sent me a photo of him and it said he was in Phoenix! That was a surprise! After he was born, he was airlifted to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and everyone came down here. Bekah and Travis came right away to be with the baby. Mom and dad brought the kids later. Bekah and Travis got to see the doctor today around 3p.m. The doctor said he has bladder exstrophy which means his bladder is open and exposed through the skin. It’s not very common, but he is healthy other than that, and this doctor has dealt with it before. Bekah said she has to put plastic wrap on him in addition to a diaper. He will be having surgery when he is 2 months. He can go home in a few days. I sent Aunt Karen the picture Travis sent me so I think she will be putting that on the site when she has time. We are all so happy he is here and that the feedback is positive.


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