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Modern Slavery in America and the World

“Drop houses are often an intermediary point in the smuggling of immigrants who are not legally permitted to enter the United States. The drop houses are usually rented properties where coyotes, or human smugglers, stash immigrants
while awaiting payments. These properties can range from actual houses or apartments and are not limited to any one geographic area of the state.”

From Arizona Department of Public Safety
Again from AZDPS website;

“Often, the immigrants are being held against their will and have been misled by the coyotes. Treatment of immigrants is generally very poor which may include food, water and medicine being withheld to the point of death. In addition, any children and infants are generally lacking the basics such as baby formula or appropriate food.”

I contend that this is only the tip of the iceberg of slave trade in our society. Many get involved in drug running, prostitution and other criminal lifestyles because of force and for fear of retribution against family back in home countries. As we buy into cheap labor, a desire to use others resources to help poor, or more perverse desires of selfish man; we are supporting and feeding this slave trade into Arizona and around the World. Our government is supporting this slave trade by not enforcing a stricter point of entry policy at our borders, especially the southern borders. Arizona has a committed and moral leadership in not supporting this sick and destructive practice of open borders.

Any who fight against Arizona SB-1070 are misinformed, have not thought it out or are evil and for slavery and the huge profits that this practice gives.


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