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Let’s Honor Christopher Columbus on May Day

In 1496, Columbus wrote to the king and queen of Spain, begging that the same laws that existed in Spain be applied to the islands. He asked that all, including the Indians, have access to the same justice. He asked that they “… procure for the Indians, that are coming under our rule, the same rules and protections as those we have been speaking of [here in Spain]….These rules are to apply to those in power and those not in power equally. I want them to have the same protection like I have as if they were my own flesh.”

In 1497 Christopher Columbus, pleaded again: “I worry immensely about the future. I do not know what will happen in years to come. But we will discover new lands and we will negotiate in some of them according to the law of Castile and if this is not ruled by a strong hand then we will lose and rip apart our future and we will lose everything. I am afraid we will be misunderstood…. I tell you to do it this way because gold is not everything.”

Columbus,Christopher. Letter to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel, 1497. Racolta di Documenti e Studi page 272. Christopher Columbus did open the Americas to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and soon the land of the Eastern Seaboard would home the Pilgrims and others who would forge the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. This opening of a new continet to the teachings of Christ were more important than we know.


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