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The Ugly Image Of A Gentile Culture

This is a quote from Cleon Skousen’s newly released book, “The Clensing Of America”. This a great book of truth and hope for those who love The Lord and want to follow His path of obedience, service and love. This treasure is available from Valor Publishing Group LLC.

Now is the time to repent and follow the Lord and leave the Gentile/worldly ways behind. Brother Skousen did not get to see the last few years of degradation to the America he loved and worked to protect. We have plumetted to new lows and are going against God and His Laws of Nature in ever more depraved and decadent ways. The traps are numerous and Satan and his minions are persistent and cruel. I pray to be a part of the clensing and not part of the clensed away.

“The social disintegration that has taken place in America during the last half of the twentieth century is characteristic of twenty-two earlier civilizations that are now extinct.”

“The prophets of the past who saw our day in vision warned that if a hostile Gentile culture erupted in America, it would not be endured for long. Think of this generation already aborting more than 40 million babies. This culture of depravity is being perpetuated by leaders and teachers who are corrupting millions of youth.”

“It is clear that we are approaching the time when God’s cup of wrath and indignation might overflow at any time, just as the prophets predicted.”


One comment on “The Ugly Image Of A Gentile Culture

  1. This is very interesting Lenny. His words really make you think! We do live in tough times and we really do have arm our kids with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for the post!

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