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"Neronian" from GG’z Notes

I fwd a new word I heard this last week and pondred. I don’t remember which newspaper this was in nor the journalist’s name. Will try to find it so I can get the thoughts of the writer.

New Word: “Neronian” Heard on talk radio quoting a journalist who used the word to describe what is happening to the US. Nero wanted to get rid of Rome to “rebuild it into his own image.” We in the States have elected a Neronian leader who wants to destroy the US constitution so he can rebuild the country in his own image.

He campaigned on “change” and he is accomplishing his version of change by “burning” down our economic system which is the most productive in the world and has kept our status as world leaders in research as well as in so many other ares; in order to remake this country into the single-person/party (his/democrat) control of a totalitarian government. He is neronian in the way he uses charisma and his words to charm and entertain his followers and will succeed just as Nero succeeded,

The phrase “Nero fiddled while Rome burned” is another way of saying Nero (the government) entertained and doled out “bread” to control the citizens. In our Modern times, “bread” is more than the basic loaf of bread Nero and other totalitarian governments give out sparingly.

We have a government controled media who provides entertainment (sports, movies, music, broadway, etc) while ignoring the more serious national security issues. Some years ago I read an article written by a Canadian journalist who asked, “Who will come to the aid of the US – as the US has helped other countries?” A very good question and the answer is “NO One and NO Country will be left to help because they have become used to handouts from Uncle Sam!!!


One comment on “"Neronian" from GG’z Notes

  1. Searching for "Neronian" I found this article that relates with the term "Neromania". I believe Satan would and will inspire leaders to copy this type of atrocity. This is why we need to be obedient to God and Natural Law in our actions as well as those we elect to represent us. The Founders had it right as only a Righteous people can live in true Liberty and as God would have His people be to protect us.http://www.boisestate.edu/history/ncasner/hy210/nero.htm "Neromania: An Ancient Persecution" "In 64 A.D. the Roman Emperor Caesar Nero attempted to systematically exterminate all people who professed faith in the newfound Christian religion. Many factors played a major part in promoting this Empire wide genocide. First, a great fire broke out that destroyed the city of Rome. The cause of this fire is unknown, however for the Romans it was easy to blame the Christians, whom the Romans considered to be complete and utter reprobates. The second major factor was Nero himself. Nero was insane. The Emperor of Rome took pleasure in other people's pain; he delighted in the idea of wiping the Christians from the face of the Earth."

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