An American Revival

David Barton, David Buckner, Andrew Napolitano and Glenn Beck all in one show. WOW!

I wrote that on Facebook 7 hours ago, about 1PM after the 2nd main topic was dealt with. Faith, Hope, Charity and many side discussions packed into an event lasting from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The speakers all 4, were well prepared to discuss Constitutional government as designed by the Founding Fathers with guidance from Heavenly Father. Some points covered early by David Barton spoke to the whole day’s spiritual base.

1. There is a cerator.
2. The Creator gives specific inalienable rights to man.
3. Government exists to protect God-given rights.
4. Government powers are to be operated only with the permission of citizens.

I have enjoyed all day seminars many times over the last 20 years, and this was by far the most well attended, with about 10,000 people packed into the Jobbing.com Arena. Earl Taylor and Cleon Skousen seldom would get 100 people into their seminars I attended, though those were just as special events for all in attendence in years past. Now seems to be a time when masses of people are receptive to this timely and necessary message and training.
I realize that I have been blessed to learn at the feet of many experts in the field of Constitutional government. I believe , as did the founding Fathers, The Holy Ghost inspired the discussions about the best form of government to establish in America. I also know that education in America has failed in most cases to teach the truth about this history, that experts like David Barton, Earl Taylor Jr and W Cleon Skousen have all researched and taught for many years. If I can help you hook up with any of these teachers, writings or websites, let me know.


2 comments on “An American Revival

  1. You were very blessed to be able to be there and spend the day with our fellow Americans and those who have the capabilities to teach what we need to know about the Founding Fathers of our country.Thank you for sharing about this day.God bless.

  2. Glenn and others talked of the need to be personally righteous if we expect our government to be righteous in a Representative Republic, which we are designed to be. Sounds like gospel and true to me. What is most exciting is that as 100 used to be a huge group saying and believing this, yesterday there were 10,000 people at one event.

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