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Invitation to Death Race 2010:

Hello Race Fans:

The 6th annual Death Race is quickly approaching.
This is an annual outlaw desert event where riders will see their bikes disintegrate beneath them as they approach speeds of 50 mph.

To avoid the heat from coming down us, we have rented a race track for the day. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate.

Death Race is open to all gas and electric motorized bicycles. Pedals and a motor, you’re in.

Safety equipment, i.e. helmets, boots, knee and elbow pads, are highly recommended as well as mandatory.

A helpful tip to racer’s looking for first place on the podium, races are won by those who fall least.

Death Race 2010 will be held at P1 Circuit Race Track at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, AZ on Sunday April 18th, 2010.

The entry fee, which covers insurance and track rental, is $15. Riders can begin to register at 12 pm and spend the afternoon running the course at their leisure.

Spooky Tooth Cycles does a great job presenting this race annually for 6 years now. I was there last year with a couple of friends and would go again this year except for it being on Sunday.


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