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Turning America Back to God

Democrats are voting today, on Sunday, for government funded abortions even if a lying president says he would never use our money to fund abortions. Phyllis Schlafley points out that “President Obama’s first Executive Order was the repeal of the Mexico City Policy to allow for international funding of abortion.” He has already broken his promise as federal funds go internationally to fund abortions.

What a sacrilege of Sunday activities for our crime boss politicians, who disregard all precedent, decency and Constitutionality of their actions against America, as they vote for socialization of America. We now are very much a socialist country as many people were fooled by this last election. Destroy our country with debt and poor decisions that make her defenseless and our only option now is to turn to God for sanity and defense.

Today’s despotic actions are truly against Liberty, God and America, but by turning more hearts to God for defense, healing and reason politicians did do America a round about favor. Preachers and prophets have tried to get people to turn to God for many years. God is the source of all we have and of our very lives. Now just as Adam and Eve had to lose a perfect paradise to appreciate life, family and God; America is losing or has lost it’s nearest to perfect form of government to embrace a cheap counterfeit.

My wife and I were under insured for much of our lives together and we have survived and even flourished as we learned to depend on God for health and healing. We did not always feel easy in these situations but did find medical care for all situations possible. We were blessed usually with enough work to pay bills as they added up at times. Other times family, friends and Church helped us out. I share this not as a boast but to give others hope that the Lord will bless all who will depend on him and obey gospel principles as understood.

I am shaken and somewhat intimidated by this brazen and corrupt power grab. I am given courage as I realize I can more perfectly depend on God and live his laws, the Natural Laws the founding fathers spoke of in establishing America. God loves all mankind and will protect and heal us, but He needs mankind to open the door to His straight and narrow way back to Him. Let us all take courage in His Love and Jesus Christ’s Atonement and return America to a land trusting in Liberty and God and not in fast talking, good looking politicians who steal our birthright.


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