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Christmas 2009

I am Thankful for so very much at this time of year, most years. My birthday was 8 days ago and has been 8 days before Christmas all my life. This year is not the least thankful but may be the most thankful one for me.

I have repented of some of my sins and ways that would not allow me to progress and be closer to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, as well as all of my family, even all of mankind can know me better as a Christian. I see America reflecting on their blindness to what is important in having elected a socialist, communist, progressive and oppressive elitist leadership into power in National politics. They too are about to repent of evil, weak and selfish ways.

God shows His sense of humor and gentle ways to correct his loved children on earth. When we are setting records for cold this year and at key times; like today, last week, and at the Global warming crisis summit a few weeks ago, God reminds us that in spite of all we can do it is He who controls this earth and it’s purposes and uses. When His chosen people have forsaken Him in the past Prophets have plead for a gentle way to bring about repentance and change. God has often given the way in natural drought, rain, flood and cold spells that bring all but the evil and hard hearted to Him in pleading for releaf and protection from the great forces at His command.

Years ago when I was doing drugs and looking to end what to me was immediately a miserable life, God helped me to see my errors and find a path of Gospel Repentance to return to happiness. I have often needed to remember how to repent and do so most Sundays at time of partaking of the Sacrament to renew my Covenants to Him. God is thankfully offering America and the World a chance to return to Him and his Plan for Happiness. This is a miracle of the greatest kind and proportion of all history.

Knowing I needed to write this today I found the following forwarded letter in my inbox at gmail.com and immediately started this post with it’s unedited inclusion to this post. I share my testimony of Jesus Christ learned at home from goodly parents and developed as I lived and learned. God is central to my life and progression today as always He has been.

Dear John,

Many years ago, while we were young, married college students eating lunch on the lawn, Cheryl pulled a small, wrapped present out of her purse and pushed it across the grass in my direction: a baby bottle. It was Cheryl’s clever way of telling me that she was pregnant – with our oldest son Ryan as it turned out. I remember yelling in excitement and throwing my hamburger in the air.

Fast-forward nearly 23 years. Today (December 22nd) Ryan will marry his soul mate – a sweet, wonderful girl. The occasion couldn’t be happier, even though I feel like I’m stubbornly closing the chapter of a very good book, not knowing what the next chapter will bring.

It is times like these that we are reminded what life is really about. Ideally, politics is a mere backdrop, and it is in front of this backdrop that life is lived. We grow up, have our own children, and if we’re lucky, we get to see a few generations beyond, each having a better quality of life than our own.

In recent years, government has moved from the background to the forefront, playing a more central role in our lives than we are accustomed to or comfortable with.

Allow me to offer a hopeful message this Christmas season: I believe that most of the country is increasingly uncomfortable with the direction we are headed. Washington politicians might be a little slow on the uptake, but mid-term elections usually have a way of waking them up.

I’m not trying to minimize the challenges we face as a country – they are significant. But over time, with increased vigilance on the part of the public (and responsiveness on the part of elected officials), government can resume its proper, limited role.

After all, there are more important things in life.

Merry Christmas,

Jeff (Jeff@jeffflake.com)


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