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Mike and Mike To The Troops

My Mom, GG to her great grand and grand children, is always sharing her opinion and ideas. We treasure these pieces and it is good to see others sharing as the internet and media are prone to ask for input. Her opinion is augmented in value because of her great study habits developed over many years of living and wanting to learn and know what she can know. God has shared much wisdom with her and we pray that continues for some time.

“Mike & Mike To The Troops”

Being married to a WWII Marine, I remember back to that time of great stress and concern in the 1940s. One son was an Army Medic during the Viet Nam era and one of my nephews is a West Point grad who flew Apache Helicopters in the Gulf War of the 1990s. So this Christmas I send my wishes for a Very Merry Christmas to all the military and families wherever stationed.

A special TV football game for me because of the Army/Navy game. I remember that this game was popular many years ago before TV when college and university broadcasts were not as prevalent. A very real American Moment occurs at the end of the game when the teams join to sing each other’s school songs.

Oh yes, that Star Spangled Banner still waves o’er the land of the free


Prayers for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Gratefully, Jacqueline in AZ


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