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God Protects His Own in His Way

God has used man to help himself and allowed him to hurt himself. God has inspired all of mankind to do good, to do his best. Man has not always listened and few men have listened and obeyed the Lord’s counsel as well as Joseph Smith, martyred Prophet of God and first President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In June 1844, the Prophet Joseph Smith said:

“I do not regard my own life. I am ready to be offered a sacrifice for this people; for what can our enemies do? Only kill the body, and their power is then at an end.

Stand firm, my friends; never flinch. Do not seek to save your lives, for he that is afraid to die for the truth, will lose eternal life.

Hold out to the end, and we shall be resurrected and become like Gods, and reign in celestial kingdoms, principalities, and eternal dominions.”


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