From Glenn Beck’s email sent to me entitled “What’s Glenn doing on December 3rd?” is this quote expressing some of my beliefs about today’s political/spiritual environment today. With Major Hassan’s viscous attack on his “fellow” soldiers we see that there is still a terror attack against America and Americans. He and many others are taking cover in our schools, churches, political parties, government offices and employment places. Is there any hope to escape more attacks from these Gadianton Robbers? Not without the repentance that Jesus Christ offers to all mankind.

Despite the fact he’s building an underground bunker to prepare for the inevitable economic collapse (kidding, but not by much) he’s also the most hopeful man on the planet. Why? Because of redemption. It’s the greatest gift of all, and it’s available to all.


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  1. Thanks for the post. For your consideration, I have a comment regarding Glenn Beck. While much of his material is good and useful, this is not true on every page and every broadcast. Please read and listen to him with a wise and critical eye. Remember for whom he works:the main stream media. Everything he says is not gospel. For example, In his new book Glenn Beck's Common Sense, he speaks many sound political principles. Then he injects unsound conclusions. All who have studied worldly conditions and the Book of Mormon know that the Lord has warned of secret combinations that do and will exist at high levels of government and society. But Glenn Beck steps up to the plate for the Gadiantons, whose first and foremost agenda item is to conceal their own existence, and says our enemy are those who promote the notion of a global conspiracy and says "Stay away from these individuals and their ideas…they will eventually seek to impose their rule and lifestyle on all of us." He also promotes term limits, another bad idea that further weakens the constitution. (Term limits already exist–2 years for Reps, Senators 6 years.) In addition, Beck is allowing his influence and 9-12 project to be hijacked into supporting things most dangerous to our nation such as the push for a constitutional convention (ConCon) by giving aid and comfort and air time to the ConCon pushers. So please, as with anything, read this political commentator-LDS or not,who works for the mainstream media, with a critical eye. Otherwise, Glenn Beck could be part of the problem. For more see The New American, Nov 9, 2009. Thanks.

  2. Correction on my last post. The New American issue with the book review of Glenn Beck's Common Sense is October 26, 2009 not Nov as I mistyped. You can also go to JBS.org

  3. Thanks for the input, Silence. I have not analysed so deeply as you on these matters. We do have to pray and study and pray some more for truth to rise above all deceptions and deceit. I do know that the Gadianton Robbers are in places of power and clear to the top of most political and governmental agencies. Please continue to share here and other places, your knowledge and insight. Some of my blogs I follow on the right are good places to start and you mentioned the http://jbs.org/ John Birch Society website as another great place for info.

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