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A Communist Agenda

I am embarrassed by a President and his administration that have such a transparent and evil agenda. Freedom of press, speech, to bear arms, to own property, and most if not all of our liberties are being trashed as is the US Constitution by the power brokers of Washington DC. Our troops are being sacrificed as a reluctant and unsure POTUS fails to be responsible to his first and sacred duty of defending America and supporting the troops he has sent to war. Is it really our place to force anybody to be governed as we say they should? We should get out of other peoples business or at least fight a war to end the fighting not a perpetual conflict as a police action. America will suffer the same with other nations troops telling us what to do soon. That appears to be the treasonous plan of the current administration. What do you expect when we are in debt to our enemies and our convoluted alliances are not at all reasonable? You better do your job Mr President and quit posturing and crying about Fox News who does have your number and is reporting about your Communist agenda.


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