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Louis Stradling, a Man of God and a Patriot

I met a son of one of the great patriots I have known. I met this son at the Mesa Arizona Temple, serving as a true Patriot would. Louis Stradling is the Father, and I met him when I was inspired to study the US Constitution. Louis and Earl Taylor were teaching in the upstairs classroom at the Stradling’s Cabinetry Shop. I seem to remember a supply of food storage things in that classroom also.

Louis is a man of great vision who understands that finances do count and need to be used conservatively and wisely. Wisely and conservatively could mean balancing the budget and not incurring debt. Since his leaving the Mesa, Arizona city council, I do not believe the books have truly balanced since he left, and yet while he served Mesa citizens the books did balance and there were no expenditures without money to cover the expenses. You can read some of his wisdom in this article about the United Nations Charter compared to the US Constitution. I am happy to know such great men have lived and many sons and daughters are carrying on their parent’s great traditions.


One comment on “Louis Stradling, a Man of God and a Patriot

  1. Lenny,It was great to meet you, also serving in the temple. Thanks for your kind remarks especially about Dad. He has been passionate all his life about the principles of liberty and has set a good example for our family. Thanks for your blog and your efforts to shine the light of truth.

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