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An Orchestrared Collapse is Here

Are the administration all idiots & stupid or do they really want America to loose wars and value to its currency till it collapses? I am pretty sure they were giving hints that they do in fact want a collapse and restructure outside the US Constitution to Communism. A New World Order does mean just that, a new way of ruling the masses and heavy taxation of all to support an elite ruling body. Many don’t want to believe what they actually see and understand for FEAR. Not believing will not change enslavement to our accepted fate. We really do have ways to fight and improve our chances to survive and it involves repentance and change, study and work.

I have had to overcome addictions at several times in my life. Life is full of challenges and traps and I am prone to get trapped. Always the way out for me has been 1) Prayer for strength, courage and knowledge, 2) Repentance and change away from destructive behaviors, 3) Knowledge and study about options and solutions to my problems, 4) Working through the newly found courage repentance gives and knowledge that prayer and study gives.

I believe that America has become addicted to bad and destructive ways. Greed and selfishness has led us to follow the promises of the dishonest and evil usurpers. We cannot follow bad means to a good end. We must stop, change and work out of the mess we are in. The mess is moral, spiritual, financial, and physical, and leads us to destruction. It is prophesied in the Scriptures and by the Prophets. We are really fortunate to be the ones chosen to come forward at this time to help solve the mess. We have the tools and courage if we tap into God and the Natural Laws he gives us to follow.


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