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Presidential Responsibilities/Letter

Honorable Mr. President Obama,

I pray for you to be inspired to do the job of a President of the United States of America. You claim to be a student and teacher of Constitutional Law. You are so clearly going against the US Constitution that IF the special knowledge is true , you certainly learned it to destroy the country you promised and swore to defend and protect. Your first responsibility as the nation’s leader and commander in chief is to handle the Military matters in a professional and safe manner. You should not make public the arguments you are having with your chosen leaders of a police action that should be called the war in Afghanistan; if the congress would do it’s job.

Congress has given up it’s power and authority so please just show some leadership and ask all to follow the Constitution and YOU need to study and follow it for sure. As you know the authority you take from others makes you responsible and you sir are not qualified for many responsibilities you are usurping. Your actions to take my personal freedoms as well as from all people of America, makes the least sense. In this you sin against God and Nature’s Laws that you claim to honor. Please repent and stop in this murderous misuse of the office you have borrowed from the people of this United States of America.

We are not the worlds police so need to extricate ourselves from all such actions and call any other justified action as a War, with Congress being the only legal branch of US government to proclaim a war. I am sure as a former soldier serving in Germany and America, that we are not acting in a reasonable way with reguard to all our posts worldwide with more money and personnel than we can support spread over everyone else’s land and business. This has been going on for all my life and several generations longer.

You cannot and should not force people to be good, kind, or any specific way politically. God gave Cain the choice to live as he liked and to pay for his sins when he chose to be a murderous bully. How are we greater than God in forcing our weak and feeble perceptions of fairness and justice on others? Americans cannot agree on what is right so the ruling party needs to stop forcing their pet projects and theories on everybody else.


One comment on “Presidential Responsibilities/Letter

  1. I think we wish the President would not destroy the Constitution, but I think that is what he wants to do. And he probably thinks that somehow he is doing the right thing. A very sad state for our country.God bless.

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