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Why focus and repeat the same ideas and topics?

To make a point about why I repeat myself so often and in similar words and phrases, I repeat the words from my article written 15 years ago for Lenny’s Bikes & Things. Truth does not change, but as we discover new truths they fit with all other truths. Truths are not theories that we all use to work with the unknown and creative moments in life. Theories serve a purpose for us to discover more truths and develop ideas, but are not truths. People often value theories as if they were truths and this is where we can go terribly wrong.

What would have happened if Thomas Edison did not continue experimenting several thousand times with different theories, while discovering the incandescent light bulb? We cannot say for sure, but if he stopped with earlier theories before he got to true scientific principles we would have used candles for a few more years of our history. In other words TRUTH takes a lot of prayer, study and investigation before knowing we have arrived at truth. Once discovered truth does not change, but more truths can be added as is the case with the many other types of light bulbs that have been added to our store of useful lighting devices. Not one of these added light bulbs changes the scientific principles that Edison discovered and used to produce the first successful incandescent light bulbs.

Here is my example that was taught to me and I was able to write and post on the Internet during the mid 1990’s. These truths have not changed and so I need to repeat them often. Repetition is necessary because many lies are being repeated so often and by much more famous people than I. I have learned and added to the truths I have in my brain and experience, and ask for corrections of my thoughts and writings so they may align more closely to truth:

“These pages, links, articles, and stories are designed to bring about a patriotism and love of people that comes from living and being as Jesus Christ taught us to be. He came once as a savior of men and lived a perfect life, being misunderstood by many because of misinformation spread by enemies of God’s plan he was crucified. Many felt this ended Jesus reign on earth. His reign is yet to come and it is up to me to help ready this, my house for his return. The battle goes on and people are choosing sides now with their actions. My side is chosen and spoken of with the work I do here to bring to light what many would hide.”

“Quoting Ezra Taft Benson in An Enemy Hath Done This “I am not here to tickle your ears to entertain you. I will talk to you frankly and honestly as one who loves his country. The message I bring is not a happy one, but it is the truth, and time is always on the side of truth. A great German once said, Truth must be repeated again and again because error is constantly being preached round about us.” (Goethe, 1749-1832, quoted in The Freeman, July, 1958″.”

“Truth cannot be hidden any more for many know the truth. We, those who are given much, will repeat what we know and The Lord will give more truth as people accept, use, and need the truth. Truth has always been the enemy of wrong and can only help a caring person to make decisions. All science is based on fact and once discovered fact or truth does not change.”

Returning to Ezra Taft Benson’s writing and speeches is always a good way to discover more truth. I recently purchased a 1995 edition of The Proper Role of Government, that includes The Improper Role of Government, by H. Verlan Andersen. I am just finished with Ezra Taft Benson’s part of the small book, and here share a few more quotes which to me are further truths I am discovering as I study God’s Natural Laws of Liberty. After quoting Thomas Paine, in a paragraph that includes these words, “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”, President Benson says:

“I intend to Keep fighting. My personal attitude is one of resolution–not resignation.”

“I have faith in the American people. I pray that we will never do anything that will jeopardize in any manner our priceless heritage. If we live and work so as to enjoy the approbation of a Divine Providence, we cannot fail. Without that help we cannot long endure.”

“So I urge all Americans to put their courage to the test. Be firm in our conviction that our cause is just. Reaffirm our faith in all things for which true Americans have always stood.”

“I urge all Americans to arouse themselves and stay aroused. We must not make any further concessions to communism at home or abroad. We do not need to. We should oppose communism from our position of strength for we are not weak.”

“There is much to be done. The time is short. Let us begin–in earnest–now, and may God bless our efforts, I humbly pray.”

The date of these words is mid 1960’s, and we did not heed the warning of this Prophet of God. Even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, who proclaim him as a Prophet and the President of the Church at that time, did not heed his warnings. We have just listened to our current US President, Barack Hussein Obama, promise many of our liberties and separateness or sovereignty as America to the United Nations gathering of 20-22 September 2009. He promised Americas obedience to world courts. He continually apologizes for America’s actions in standing against world tyranny, and communist actions.

What would have probably pained Elder Benson most, is the retraction of America’s promised missile protection of Poland on the 70Th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland. Elder Benson had served for a year in war torn and still occupied Europe just after World War II in the service of the Church. He loved any oppressed and struggled against the oppressors all his life. Socialists/Communists were the great oppressors of the 20Th century. Their “Progressive” ways, teachings, lies and theories are still central to genocide world wide and many oppressive Oligarchies and dictatorships. That the United Nations is the forum used to further these evil plans is appropriate as they are never the solution to genocide but the perpetrators of it.

We who still have a semblance of Liberty and affluence not seen anywhere else must return to Natural Laws and the way things should be. God favored this country in the Past with greatness and freedom. There is a place of prominence that is our destiny and with or without us this country and continent will rise to it’s proper place of righteous service. America has shown glimmers of it’s potential and it is our duty to follow the Lord and help America rise above any greatness experienced previously to new and Godly heights of excellence.


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