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Another Letter to President Obama

My dear Mr President,
and/or Aids reading this for him,

I am concerned about the rumors I am hearing about the presidents involvement with ACORN and SEIU. He has surrounded himself with groups that are not living by any legal or moral standard I believe in. My Mother was harassed in the 1960’s by a Communist Party Member from Reed College in Portland Oregon. He got students to help him harass and watch Mom and her crew of waitresses at RinkSide Cafe. A few years later he showed up in Los Angeles California at the Sears store where Mom worked at that time. Fortunately God protected Mom because she chose to stand by God.

I do believe that Communists still exist and are not friends of a Constitutional America. Fortunately Van Jones one of the more obvious Communist members in this administration has gone over to a less high profile job a little more removed from the President. But that leaves those Thug groups of ACORN and SEIU that do so much for our Country to live in fear and loose so much money for immoral purposes. Did I mention I have worse memories in our family of Union Thugs beating up my Grandfather back in the 1930’s to force his joining the Dairyman’s Union.

So I am very concerned about an arrogant President who does not want my input to fix things in America. Actually I suggest that you and he start praying for God to help us. I do that because we have been sold to our enemies and they are waiting to collect on our overdue payments for our excesses, while thugs and lawyers and politicians profit and scare Americans.

Well I am sure you are bored but I am serious about the Prayer thing. Glenn Beck is also. You can repent of personal and national sins that you have committed and get on the side that really does defend and protect the wonderful Constitution that should govern your actions and Congress’ actions and those of the Supreme court. You better use those agencies to investigate the theft of America before you get caught for that and loose your chance at making a difference in this world for good.

Thanks for your time whoever might read this,
Lenny Henderson
This is a letter I just sent to the WhiteHouse.gov Contact form. They need more from amybody who cares


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