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Another Open Letter to the White House

When I saw The President say he would change America when he won the presidency I was concerned about his real goals. When Michelle Obama said she had never been proud to be an American until Barack was the President I was a little more concerned about this administration. When The president could not get the oath of office right first in public with a Bible and words were right but with no Bible in private, I realized he did not want to protect and defend the precious Constitution of America. His version of remaking America included a destruction of the Constitution and embracing Communist, Progressive principles.

I am becoming more convinced daily that this is the case with the deafening silence over Van Jones and his continued speeches this year about Communist and Racist and Radical goals he was eager to help America to embrace. Green was only a way to get to tyrannical change of government with out due process of the Constitution in our government process.

Please address these accusations and issues that are shared by a majority of Americans. America is a Christian Nation even with the government interference of activist courts doing their best to destroy Christianity. Please prove that our current leadership in government at the federal level is not trying to move us into a non Constitutional way of doing things much more like an Oligarchy where a select rich and neuvo rich, smart and pretty people rule the masses who you and Bill Mayer deem to be too stupid to govern as God intended as a free people.


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