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Glenn Beck exposes communist advisor/czar in White House


So we now have open communist infiltrators in the White House. Nobody would believe that Obama was a racist when he listened to a preacher spew filth about hate and how America is the worst thing to happen to all minorities. Reverend Wright was easy to throw under the bus (even after 20 years) when so many wanted to believe that Barack Hussein Obama was a saviour to our safe and secure and wealthy lifestyles. We will lose the lifestyles as we loose our liberty, sold for a cheap promise. Michelle Obama said “I was never proud to be an American before Barack became President”. Barack Obama said ” In just 5 days he would be able to start remaking America”. No we were warned before ever we cast our votes. We have what we have and it is not a Constitution following President but one bent on shredding and remaking America and the way it works.


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