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Perversion of Education

The Ole’ Deluder Satan Act

Here is another exert from a great NCCS Newsletter from 1996. My parents recognized the dangers of a perverted California education system, and I was enrolled in private schools most of elementary and Jr High school. If you care about the country and your family then you will take charge of as much of their education as possible. My sweet and strong wife home schooled for a time. There are options available and need to be used until State and locally run schools fall back in line with Natural Law principles.

It was just a few years after settling Massachusetts Bay when the Puritans established schools for the education of their young. To them, teaching children to read was absolutely necessary in order to detect and avoid false doctrines and to escape the wiles of the devil.
So, in 1647, only seventeen years after arriving in the New World, the residents of Massachusetts passed a law that became known as the Ole’ Deluder Satan Act. It read:
“It being one chief project of the old deluder, Satan, to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures….
“It is therefore ordered, that every township in this jurisdiction, after the Lord hath increased them to the number of fifty householders, shall then forthwith appoint one within their town to teach all such children as shall resort to him to write and read….
“And it is further ordered, that when any town shall increase to the number of one hundred families or householders, they shall set up a grammar school, the master thereof being able to instruct youth so far as they may be fitted for the university…”
Harvard College had already been established some 11 years earlier by a Mr. John Harvard, who had given one half of his estate to the erecting of a College. The founders of Harvard wanted it plainly known what the purpose of education was and so pronounced:
“Let every student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life (John 17:3) and therefore lay Christ in the bottom, as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning.”


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