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United Nations Treachery Exposed

I am working on too many things at one time as usual. I have just found the complete article from Louis Stradling about the Constitution compared to the Charter. When I was introduced to Louis in the late 1980’s I was told he was the last Mesa city council member to insist on a balanced city budget. He is still probably the last one to accomplish a balanced city of Mesa budget. You can get the whole 16 page comparison document in PDF format using this link.
Louis Stradling compares The United States Constitution to the United Nations Charter

No person can be loyal to the Constitution of the United States AND uphold the Charter of the United Nations. They are as opposite as light and dark, good and evil; freedom and slavery, God and Satan. ―No man can serve two masters.‖
Support of the United Nations by government officials and employees is a violation of their Oath. Wittingly or unwittingly, it is treasonous.
In a war-weary world the United Nations was formed at San Francisco in 1945. A tremendous propaganda campaign mesmerized Americans into accepting it as an agency to end the scourge of war; uplift downtrodden peoples; a leap of freedom, the Last Hope for Peace. It sounded wonderful, but we ―lost our heart in San Francisco.‖
The Senate ratified the UN Charter in a brief hearing with little debate. Few Senators even read it before voting. Langer and Shipstead, who did, cast the only votes against it. Who would suspect that it was a plan of international arch-criminals for conquering the world?


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