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Bicycling for Fitness

Bicycling for Fitness, Shape Up; By Peter Oliver

Ken Keifer’s Cycling Health and Fitness

Bicycling For Fun and Fitness

Above are 3 first responses in a Google search about “bicycling for fitness” and I really only glanced at the page that I was directed to. I am posting this because I am not as fit as I should be at 245 lbs and just less than 6 feet tall. I have raced and trained in both running and bicycling and race weight was about 170- 175. Less and I was anaemic and on the edge of sick all too often. So I do not buy the weight tables the medical professionals have shown me. I was a 10 kilometre / marathon runner and long distance cyclist and that put me in the very low body fat about 5% range. Any way I would say I need to get to about 200 lbs and the best way I know to do it is bicycling and push aways. Push aways are when I move away from the dinner table and just say no to too much food, and fattening favourites. I hope to keep loosing weight and getting more fit again. Partly I will post my successes and failures.

I have a lot of advantage in using bicycles because I worked 15 years in bike shops, one my own shop and built frames as well as commuting since 1973 and collecting a few miles. I rode 25 miles in less than 2 hours a month ago. I am not back to a routine of daily riding. Once I can get that routine of at least 4 long rides a week I should make good progress. Well here goes to a more fit LennyHarp.


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