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Glenn Beck Interviews Rand Paul

One of the few great Congressmen, Ron Paul has taught his son well in how to succeed in life and how the American Constitution and government should work. Rand Paul is a self sufficient and successful doctor. He is concerned about his country and wanting to replace a career politician to help America and Kentucky solve some of their problems at the National level.

Now that sounds a lot more like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin than what Obama, Gore, Biden or Bush have done.They all have little experience outside of public life working on controling government and business as power brokers than ever working as a productive part of our society. Rand should win a seat and other well intentioned, successful and trained men should stand up for America and their neighbours. America needs another Patriotic set of leaders who are good men with morals come from the Bible. A true Patriot is not gaining advantage over their neighbours but serving them and giving fair value for their services.

I have never been served by a union boss or the henchmen that support their ways. My own grandfather was beat up by union thugs in southern California in the 1930’s, it seems the Dairymen’s union felt theis was a group worth forcing people into. I have avoided any job where I would be forced into a union. Our current crop of leaders are not Patriots but political activists and union organizers. If you want an example of a country led by a union thug/political activist (one of the first to congratulate President Obama on his inauguration) just look south to Brazil. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at least worked in public sector jobs including the auto industry. My mother lived in Brazil to witness his sometimes violent rise to power. From Wikepedia I quote “In 1978 he was elected President of the Steel Workers’ Union of São Bernardo do Campo and Diadema, cities in the Greater São Paulo, home to most of Brazil’s automobile manufacturing facilities (such as Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and others) and among the most industrialized in the country. In the late 1970s, Lula helped organize major union activities including huge strikes. He was jailed for a month, but was released following protests. For many years he was President of the Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT), a union federation that is strongly influenced by the PT.”

Now these leaders the world is seeing in many countries, Russia, Brazil, USA, Venezuela and many others are not from the school of society’s successful working force who are moral and good men who value life and Natures Laws more than personal goals and aggrandizement. We need to return to the men who spent their youth studying and learning what makes this world great and more importantly what makes the least impressive person on this earth worth more than all programs and all governments together. The time to value government over man was never a time of glory on this earth but were the Dark Ages and we do not want to return to those times. We will return to times not seen since the Garden of Eden and good men will help us be ready for the Saviour’s return to see the circle really completed of this earth’s creation and fulfilment to it’s Godly and Natural destiny. Ron Paul is one of those men and now his son, Rand is also one who is ready to contribute to America.

BECK: What do you think about — I’m just going down the check-list of things that I want in a politician. What do you think about military tribunals for all those currently serving in Washington [laughing].

PAUL: You got me there. You know, the other thing we could do for healthcare is I think instead of having their great healthcare plan they all should have to go to the VA.

BECK: I think so, too. Seriously, about the military tribunals. Look, the reason why I asked that question — I’m not asking it seriously yet — what I would like to know is how do you propose to stay uncorrupted? I mean, there is massive corruption in special interest and money and unions and everything else, that currently we’re building at best this administration is building Chicago politics. At worst, they are building an exoskeleton around our republic. They are feasting on it. And when it can’t handle it anymore, they overwhelm that system, the exoskeleton will kick in and we’ll have a new transformative moment here in America. How do you dismantle that? How do you get out of that?

PAUL: I think one of the ways you keep from being corrupted is you also need to be electing people to office who don’t want it for a career. I mean, my main opponent so far — virtually every one of them are career politicians. I don’t need the job. I want to do it for a period of time because I’m worried about our country. I’m worried about the deficit and what it will do. I’m also, ultimately I’m not a doomsday sayer, but I worry about in Germany, in 1923 when they destroyed their currency out of that arose a Hitler. And I think when you have chaos, if you have economic chaos, you end up getting things that you don’t want sometimes, you know? And we have to be very careful that we don’t rewrite our Constitution or throw it out completely and we don’t get some kind of strong leader that’s going to help us or keep us from ourselves. And I think that happens in times of chaos. And I think we’re in danger of that with the level of deficit we have now.


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