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Change Blindness

I am a responsible person. I have worked in the US Army for 3 years as a Medic, field, emergency room and helicopter rescue and transport. I have worked in hospitals and as a personal care attendant, in construction, in retail in computers in security and have built numerous products for people. I take pride in all of the jobs I have done in my life and when people told me that I was not giving this President a chance to prove if his plan would work I listened and tried to be responsible about the messages I wrote online and to my family and loved ones.

I realize now that I cannot wait and really did not wait with my warnings about the dangers I was seeing. I was seeing a group of people put into power in America who wanted to destroy America. They really did not want jobs for me or health care for you or a green car for my mom. They wanted to and are very far along the path to destroying America as we knew it and shredding the US Constitution quicker than they are printing bogus money. We cannot see the destruction clearly because we are being bombarded by so many changes so quickly that we only selectively notice a few things at any given time. I daily experience a faint headed and weak feeling about where I am in my community at any given time.

I personally am so very glad for the Temple and Church and Family. I depend on all of these to help me see better than I would without any one of these helps in my life. I depend on my daily scripture reading and meditations to help me be calm and see with inspiration. I feel a real need to have God’s help to see clearly because we are being conspired against by the people elected to “SERVE” us. Service is one of the Church and Family activities that also help me to see more clearly and be more compassionate. I must write to serve my community and to not be blinded by this frenetic pace of changes in society. Staying involved with my God, Family, Church and doing Temple work I feel empowered and stronger. Let us all work our minds, muscles and conscious to be strong and good as Americans are commanded to be. This is the way not only to be a good American but a good citizen of this beautiful world God has given us all to care for and share with each other, the world over.


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