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Christians dominate in ‘American Idol’

Christians dominate in ‘American Idol’
2 of 3 top finalists tonight are worship leaders in their churches
Written By Joanne Brokaw
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Go to WorldNetDaily.com to read this article linked above. I do not vote in the competition but have seen most episodes and really do enjoy the many raw and polished perfromances that are a part of the show. My favorite winners so far are Taylor Hicks and Jordan Sparks. I and my family have a number of favorite performers who did not win but did very well including, Brooke White, Blake Lewis, Matt Giraud, Bo Bice and many more. One of my favorite merformances on the Idol show was during the fund raising show a couple of years ago when Guitarist Extrordinaire Jeff Beck and Kelly Clarkson did “Up To The Mountain” in a most powerful bluesy ballad style. Kelly is grand but the master of guitars accompaniment (when he wants to) Jeff Beck made the song come to life and flow with emotion. Jeff improvises over and under the singer as he used to do with Rod Stewart before the Small Faces when Rod sang for the Jeff Beck Group(late 1960’s). Try “Rock My Plimsoul” or the classic Freddie King song “Going Down” and another singer. Jeff is never lost however without a singer. take a listen to “Drown In My Own Tears”.
Now to tie all this back up to The American Idol. Here is a recent Tucson radio interview of my favourite Idol Winner Taylor Hicks. Do your own search of his music on YouTube.com or where ever you find great music.


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