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Satanic Two Party System

Both political parties are moving America straight to slavery and submission to Satanic big government, totaliatarian control. I am saying this in more blunt terms than I might have, when I stopped voting for the party ticket some 20 plus years ago. Time is running out to repair the damage done and return to the Constitution. This is from Glenn Beck to prove that both parties are moving us towards bigger government and more spending and control over the taxpayers and non tax paying citizens of America. His article is here, and the statistics were gotten from the CATO Institute

Midterm, George H. W. Bush not only had the amount go up from 1,013, he actually passed Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter had 1,123. George H. W. Bush had 1,176 ways he could spend your money. Government subsidy programs. After that the government really stopped trying to act like they even cared about it. You know, Bill Clinton increased the amount of giveaway programs by 21% in eight years. Then George W. Bush came in, you know, that hate monger that all hate mongers love because he wanted to starve children to death. You know, everybody anybody who was at a tea party loved George W. Bush because he wasn’t out of control with his spending. George W. Bush came in with his compassionate conservativism and added 27% more programs on top of Clinton’s 21% of increases. The result? We now have 1,804 federal subsidy programs. That is 78% increase in the last 23 years. The report says we are in the midst of the largest federal gold rush since the 1960s. Unfortunately in the 1960s we actually had gold. Can you believe these crazy nut jobs who are saying that we’re on the march to socialism and gigantic oppressive g overnment? It’s crazy!


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