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Spooky Tooth’s 5th Annual Death Race

Spooky Tooth Cycles can be found online and in Tucson and Bisbee Arizona.

Yesterday Max and Lenny went to the 5th annual Spooky Tooth Death Race and here is my report. More is reported with photos and video at Death Race 09 We had a great time. Sam went fishing on the rim and who knows how that went, maybe a little colder than Tucson at the Go Kart track. My posted report is following and the link above takes you to the postings with photos and videos and others reports at Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit Forum.

David was a great host as a home-town favourite he let a couple of out of towners place ahead of him in the final. He and everyone else in the final were going all out and it was some great racing. Vinnie and David were the tightest placings throughout the race. They traded placings a number of times with Vinnie being the fastest on the straights and David on the turns. Finally the gap widened but not till the last couple of laps.

Someone was pushing Joey for first for a few laps but crashed on an off camber and slippery turn. Joey earned his first as he steadily built a gap little by little, peddling out of most corners to add to his speed at low end. His cornering seemed flawless. I may have mistook identity but it looked like his gas tank fell off as he left the track. Joey had bought the bike off Craigslist and tuned up and worked his magic on a Spooky Tooth second hand bike.

My bike (datz510’s custom Rotten Orange) broke it’s front freewheel before the racing began but did well in warm up and practice. Max Henderson and last 2 year’s defending champion, Happy, were sharing the bike. Happy had to revert to a back up lady’s bike for the racing and probably fried its motor with not enough break in time. Roland the race promoter from Spooky Tooth kindly had mechanicals of his own with a fast custom Spooky 3 speed. Never have trusted the Strumy Archer 3 speed for durability. Tucson Spooky Tooth’s Michael had put together a very fast bike that also have won but had mechanical troubles also. There were 2 real crashes with maybe a broken leg but he did leave walking?

Vinnie and Larry probably won most creative bike of the show if a prize was offered with a custom 3 wheeler of real chopper design. Larry raced it to middle of the pack placings and looked great doing it. Another very creative bike was the recumbent of Scot, with an under seat mounted 79 cc 4 cycle 4 or 5 headlights a wind faring and a very large trunk. This bike placed 5th in the final and other than the trike was the heaviest by a factor of at least 2. The final was run under the lights after sunset.

Any who did not make the show and race were missed, and we hope that 20 April 2010 sees you here in Arizona for the 6th annual Spooky Tooth Death Race. Roland has done a lot for the Sport and lifestyle that goes with motorized bicycle use and racing and commuting. A Tucson press member was reporting and the article will be posted when we get it. This is by no means a complete report so all who attended need to post their impressions and photos.


One comment on “Spooky Tooth’s 5th Annual Death Race

  1. Thank You Lenny for the report. I really enjoyed meeting you and hopefully soon we can get together soon for a nice slow ride.I had a lot of fun racing and I cannot wait till next year. I think we should hold a Death Race a few times a year. It was a BLAST!David(fairracing31)

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