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Slavery Today in America

“The state Department of Public Safety found victims threatened with handguns, rape and electrocution at a drophouse located Sunday night in west Phoenix.”

“As of 9:30 p.m., authorities had 31 victims and seven suspects in custody.”

“DPS officials were continuing to clear the house, located at 43rd Avenue and West Kiem Drive just north of Bethany Home Road, at that time.”

“Check azcentral.com for more updates.”
Lisa Halverstadt – Apr. 5, 2009 09:35 PM
The Arizona Republic

I have stated in the past that there is a slave trade going on in Arizona today in this modern era. As proof that I am not exaggerating and that I hear this reported regularly from radio, television and other media, like the Arizona Republic article quoted here from yesterday. We have more than 350 kidknappings reported for each of the last two years and probably have two happen that don’t get reported for each that does. Arizona and the other border states are in trouble. We are a war zone without a war being declared. My mother reports to me that she watched Arabic people crossing the border (not at official crossing points) in Nogales while staying with her brother several years ago.

This is in the state that our current Homeland Security Secretary was in charge for six years ending her term as governor not 3 months ago. She denied the problem and refused to eradicate the problem but did spend us into bankruptcy (only California is more broke then Arizona). Ms. Napolitano was then at the state level in charge of my state’s border security and now at the national level is still denying and failing at resolving the problem. She should know about the problems of border security, but since protecting America is probably no more important to her than protecting Arizona was for the last six years I am reporting what I see and my concerns.

Last week Janet Napolitano and Rahm Emanuel both made false statements that the problem is American guns supplies, they both claimed 90% of weapons confiscated in Mexico are from USA when only 17 % of guns confiscated in Mexico are from USA. We have an out of control government that wants to neuter the American people and take their freedoms and weapons so that we can become a slave people to a totalitarian state that they run.

Educate yourself about what is happening today and do not just take it from one source but go to at least 3 differing sources. Let all document their views and then you can decide who is telling the truth about what is really happening. Our liberty hangs in the balance and it is being stolen very quickly. Some foolishly are just giving it up freely in the hope that a trade of freedom for jobs, banks, security and empty promises is a fair deal.


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