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Build a Twisted Spoke Wheel

This is a wheel with twisted spokes that reinforces the wheel’s lateral strength. The wheel uses single butted downhill racing spokes that are 13 gage at the bend and 14 gage the rest of the way out to the rim. Most spokes break at the bend at the hub. The thicker spoke at the hub helps make a stronger wheel also. You don’t want to use a cheap hub here because I have seen hubs break instead of the spoke which make for a much harder and more expensive repair. Hubs start at $10.00 and labor on a rebuild is $30.00. I can do a build for that much labor with parts and shipping extra. Spokes run from $0.25 regular straight gage to $1.00 for the stainless butted spokes.

To build if you are not an experienced wheel builder do a search for “bike wheel building” and choose a tutorial that makes sense to you. Sheldon Brown’s tutorialcomes up first and is hard to beat with more info than most people need. I recommend you get a wheel built and trued up to determine if you are a potential wheel builder. Not everybody who works on bikes builds wheels, it is a matter of patience for most I think as the task tries my patience some days.

One wheel built makes for a good test because all you do different with a twisted spoke wheel is while building the wheel you add a half twist to each crossing pair of spokes. A spoke leaving the hub to the right twists around one leaving the hub from the left. This changes directions and the spokes enter the rim in the opposite direction from how it left the hub.


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