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Lukewarm Sucks, Progressing to Opposites

Several Congress people this week confronted Timothy Geitner about the Constitutionality of his power grab. I called Michele Bachmann’s Minnesota office to thank her and encourage a continuation of her efforts. There are still a poor minority in office who show any good character and I will encourage those who show signs of clear Constitutional thinking. The power to confiscate and close businesses for arbitrary or almost any reason is Theft.

A number of reporters are looking into the border situation. We are supporting drug cartels and so far are not changing that support as a nation but even the Secretary of State Mrs Clinton is talking about solutions. There is corruption to the top of government so it will be a true change when it happens. Evan Mecham sacrificed his political life, financial security, health and peace to try to rid Arizona of the corruption that is a way of life in Arizona (probably all states share that problem) and Mexico. He did not succeed but made many aware of it’s presence. We now have a lot more people admitting that there is a problem, not enough but there is progress. As in all wars there will be causalities and set backs but this month more was exposed than in any month I remember.

I do think that most people need repentance and to change completely so has this happened? No! Will it and how destructive may it be? I surely cannot do more than guess, but I do think all will be given the chance to change and accept God’s ways in government as well as all aspects of life. To fight and resist is to lose all. I have faced losing my all a few times in life and continually come up with repentance and following gospel principles as the only way to rebuild all aspects of my personal life. Since Government is just an extension of all persons lives, all of government and all individuals will ultimately need to align with God or fail. To make these kind of changes people need to face great loss and tragedy. We are in the tragedy and loss time for most, but we all need to learn and stay close to Gospel Principles. That will help all who want that kind of help.

Church attendance, prayer, service are all important but living right is more important than all else. The Lord gives individual instructions through study and asking His instructions, our conscience and then expects us to obey and become more like Him because of that obedience. I write as a bit of instruction for myself and post on my blog here. Maybe I would do better to keep my writings to myself. I cannot as I feel compelled to write and post as a response to instructions from Elder M. Russell Ballard as posted in the Header above. “Make sure, that the choices you make in the use of new media are choices that expand your mind, increase your opportunities, and feed your soul.” I am learning and doing and sharing and it beats a lot of sites I could visit.

I have lived with plenty and had most I wanted and all I needed most of my Adult life. I got a rough start as a “Hippie” teenager in the late 1960-early 1970’s and have at times reminded myself of hard times by challenging myself and sharing with others, and now I try to renew the Sacrament Covenants daily. I would suggest that many will need to repent (I need it and try to take advantage daily) and all will suffer (I lost $5.00 per hour income recently) some in the pursuit of the Gospel centred world that is promised will be our home here on Earth. Just like the Patriots of mid to late 1700’s, we will be required to sacrifice all we have and are to help America be the prophesied land where Jesus Christ will return.


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